Calgary Herald

1953-01-31 Page 6



Mrs. George Reynolds Re-elected President Of Past-Mistresses' Club 

Mrs. William Gilbert assisted by Mrs. D. J. Naylor, Mrs. W. S. Guild, Mrs. R. C. Rosser, Mrs. R. W. Long and Mrs. Alec Hutchinson conducted the election of officers at the recent annual meeting of the Calgary L.O.B.A. Past Mistresses Club when Mrs. George Reynolds was re-elected president.
Mrs. R. C. LeGeyt, secretary and Mrs. F. F. McIntyre, treasurer were also re-elected. Others on the slate are: Mrs. P. F. Wadams, and Mrs. Stewart Heigh, first and second vice-presidents; Mrs. Alec Hutchison, chaplain; Mrs. L. G. Fisher, Mrs. John McRae and Mrs. Fred Lawrence auditors; Mrs. R. W. Long, sick convener also will send out birthday cards. Mrs. William Gilbert will convene social events.
Annual reports of officers and conveners were received with a vote of thanks 
and appreciation was voiced to Mrs. Reynolds for her leadership during 1952. Mrs. A. N. Melland was accepted into membership. Silence was observed in the memory of Mrs. Robert Jacklin, past mistress of Ulster Lodge No. 220 L.O.B.A.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-06