Calgary Herald

1953-01-27 Page 02



Flying Clubs Return Albertan 

OTTAWA (CP)-- E. R. McFarland of Lethbridge Tuesday was re-elected president of the Royal Canadian Flying Clubs Association at the annual convention.
Vice-presidents elected included H. R. Screaton, St. Vital, Man.
Zone directors include J. R. Green, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan; J. L. MacPherson, Winnipeg, midwest; M. E. Pringle, Calgary, Alberta; S. L. Brice, Chilliwack, B.C., Pacific.
THE ASSOCIATION decided to ask the transport department to establish an air engineer training course to be administered by the clubs.
Approved clubs would give the course with graduates being given a licence.
The suggested plan would be to admit 100 students to the course each year with the training establishment receiving a grant of $750 for each trainee.
The association also established a committee to study the Webster Trophy competition, a yearly competition for civilian fliers designed to test flying ability. The committee was established after some suggestions were voiced that flight safety play a greater part in the competition.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-31