Calgary Herald

1953-02-23 Page 7


Mrs. D. V. Hicks Re-elected Regent At I.O.D.E. Supper

The Lt.-Col. J. H. Woods chapter, I.O.D.E., held its annual meeting recently which took the form of a supper party at the home of Mrs. R. P. Levesque. Honorary regent Mrs. J. H. Woods, Municipal regent Mrs. C. D. Ciley and Mrs. R. L. Nicolson were guests. 
Mrs. D. V. Hicks was re-elected regent for the coming year. Other officers are: Miss Margaret Hayden and Mrs. John M. Campbell, vice-regents; Mrs. C. P. Ballard, secretary; Mrs. R. P. Levesque, treasurer; Mrs. P. Baxendale,  educational secretary; Mrs. S. McLaws, Echoes secretary; Mrs. R. W. S. Harris, standard bearer; Mrs. G. B. Doran, Empire study and Mrs. Lillian Jacobson, services at home and abroad.
Annual reports were presented and plans made for the coming year.
Next meeting will be held in Maclin Motors board room March 9 at 8 p.m.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19