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1953-01-14 Page 8


Maccabees Mark 75th Anniversary In Joint Ceremony

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Maccabee organization in Canada and the United States, the Maccabees of Calgary, Black Diamond and Carstairs held a joint installation service recently in the I.O.O.F. hall, Calgary. Officers for six lodges were installed, with 275 members present.
Provincial commander, Mr. William Hewitt, presided over the opening of the meeting, and Mr. R. O. Howell, provincial manager, presided during the installation ceremony. Installing officers were Mrs. Stanley Martin, Mr. Sid Whitford, Mr. Malcolm Cullen and Mr. Robert Overland, and directors were Mr. Jack Falck and Mr. Archie Jones.
OFFICES filled in the Alberta Foothills tent hive No. 1 are:
Commander, Mrs. H. A. Bosworth; Lieut. commander, Mr. Jack McNeil; chaplain, Mrs. David Nicoll; and record keeper, Mr. H. A. Bosworth. 
Calgary tent hive No. 2 installed as commander Mr. Verne Thompson; lieut. commander, Mrs. James Coupland; chaplain, Mr. Albert Bull; and record keepers, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Campbell.
Carstairs tent hive No. 4 commander is Mr. Thomas Pratt; lieut. commander, Mrs. Robert Nunn; chaplain, Mrs. Ivan Pointen and record keeper, Mr. J. R. Pointen.
CRESCENT HEIGHTS tent hive No. 5  installed as commander Mrs. Aubrey Heacock; lieut. commander, Mr. Peter Befus; chaplain, Mrs. W. R. Horrell; and record keepers, Mr. and Mrs. W. Hewit.
The Black Diamond tent hive No. 22 slate is: commander, Mrs. Deane Proctor; lieut. commander, Mrs. Albert Kadey; chaplain, Mrs. Albert March; andrecord keeper, Mrs. Joe Briggs. Offices filled in the Calta-Macs tent hive were: commander, Miss Dale Trainor; lieut. commander, Mr. Ralph White; chaplain, Miss Marilyn Karg; and record keeper, Miss Barbara Smith.
Mrs. Alta McDougall of Carstairs was installing chaplain, and pianist was Mrs. Fred Carter of Calgary. They were presented each with a small gift, as were also Mr. Jack Falck and Mr. Archie Jones.
The Supreme sentinel, Mr. R. O. Howell presented past commanders' jewels to the following: Mrs. L. B. Trick of Carstairs, Mr. Patrick Tourand of Black Diamond, Mrs. H. K. Lloyd, Mr. H. G. Standish, Mr. Art Burt and Mr. George Karg, all of Calgary.
Very Rev. Dean J. H. Craig of Calgary gave a lecture on the "Book of the Maccabees."

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-17