Calgary Herald

1953-05-15 Page 7


Mount Royal Club Elects Executive At Annual Lunch 

Mrs. T. W. Cuyler was re-elected president of the Mount Royal College Educational Club at the 30th annual luncheon, held recently in Knox United Church. Mrs. D. H. Cartwright presented the slate of officers for 1953-54, as follows:
Honorary president, Dr. John H. Garden; past president, Mrs. M. M. Sharpe; president, Mrs. T. W. Cuyler; first vice-president, Mrs. W. E. Hall; second vice-president, Mrs. W. J. Snaddon; secretary, Mrs. H. C. Walshaw; treasurer, Mrs. F. A. Wannacott; program convener, Mrs. A. M. Curtis; program recorder, Mrs. W. H. Horner; social convener, Mrs. A. H. Horner; and councilors, Mrs. Charles Yule and Mrs. D. G. MacKenzie.
Guest speaker was Mrs. John Gorman who, with charts, illustrated the five types of human rights: legal, personal, civil, social and economic.  Also, with original charts, she explained how each citizen can work towards a world-wide peace through charters under the United Nations. Mrs. Gorman is a Calgary representative for the human rights commission of the United Nations Association of Canada, and a solicitor for the Indian Association of Alberta.
The speaker was introduced by the president and thanked by Mrs. M. E. Olmstead. Miss Georgina Thompson, librarian, was presented with a gift in appreciation of her work by Mrs. M. M. Sharpe. Dr. John H. Garden brought greetings from the college, and Miss Joan Taylor sang, accompanied by Miss Sandra Munn. They were thanked by Mrs. W. E. Hall who presented them with a gift. Program convener, Mrs. A. M. Curtis, announced the 1953-54 program.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-26