Calgary Herald

1953-11-19 - Page 8


Naomi Lodge Elects Slate Of Officers

In the absence of the social convener, Mrs. W. J. Hodgins, the report on the recently held annual bazaar was read by Mrs. J. M. Bradshaw at the meeting of Naomi lodge No. 132, L.O.B.A. Mrs. Norman Keir was in the chair.
Silence of two minutes was observed in memory of Mr. Robert Jacklin, guardian of Ulster lodge No. 220 L.O.B.A., and a donation to the T.B. seal campaign received unanimous approval.
The annual election of officers was conducted by Mrs. J. H. Bradshaw, assisted by Mrs. W. S. Guild, Mrs. F. S. Miller, Mrs. George Doig, Mrs. R. W. Long, and Mrs. Alec Hutchison. Those elected are: Miss Lilian Melhuish, worthy mistress; Mrs. A. R. Hiebert, deputy mistress; Mrs. Bruce Faux, junior deputy; Mrs. P. F. Wadams, recording secretary; and Mrs. J. H. Bradshaw, financial secretary; and Mrs. Stewart Heigh, treasurer.
Mrs. Dave Kell was elected chaplain; Mrs. John Talerico, guardian; Miss Cathie Campbell, director of ceremonies; Mrs. James Williams and Mrs. George Claiter, lecturers; Mrs. George M. Holmes, pianist; and Mrs. R. P. Cox. inner guard. Members of standing committee include Miss Eleanor Baxter, Mrs. R. C. Rosser, Mrs. J. H. Crozier and Mrs. J. A. Nuell. Sick members will be visited by Mrs. Hiebert and Mrs. Bradshaw, while the book auditing will be supervised by Mrs. Joseph Melhuish; degree team will be captained by Mrs. R. C. R

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