Calgary Herald

1953-01-30 Page 27


I.O.O.F. Rites Held At Natal

(By Herald Correspondent)
NATAL, B.C.-- The Cassandra Rebekah Lodge No. 31, and Oddfellow's Lodge No. 54, of 
Natal-Michel, held a joint installation of officers at Natal recently, under the supervision of deputy Grand Master M. Krall of Natal, and deputy President Amelia Qualtieri of the Rebekahs, also of Natal. A large number of Oddfellows and Rebekahs were in attendance.
NEW OFFICERS installed for the 
Cassandra Rebekah Lodge were: Florence Lowe, noble grand; Miss Josephine Vicen, vice-grand, Miss Beulah  Jarolim, R.S.; Mrs. Jenny Davey, F.S.; Mrs. Alice Krall, treasurer; Mrs. Beatrice Mogielka, warden; Mrs. Jessie Jarolim, conductor; Mrs. Ann Turlik, color bearer; Mrs. Ann Harrison, inside guard; Mrs. A. Qualtieri, outside guard; Mrs. Ruth Polak, R.S.N.G.; Mrs. Nellie Repka, L.S.N.G.; Mrs. Jane Krall, R.S.V.G.; Mrs. Alice Little, L.S.V.G.; Mrs. Mary Kozler, chaplain; Mrs. Gertrude Cheston, pianist. Grand Marshals included J. Mogielak, P.G.; and J. Polak, P.G.
NEW OFFICERS for the Odd Fellows' were as follows: Danny McPhee, noble grand; Sid Hughes, vice-grand; Jerry Weber, R.S.; Dick Truran, F.S.; Edwin Whalley, treasurer; Richard Guest, warden; Pete Michaluk, conductor; Steve Maholonnik, inside guard; George Fisher, R.S.N.G.; Jack Beswick, L.S.N.G.; Len Little, R.S.V.G.; Stan Kotek, L.S.V.G.; Frank Mitchell, chaplain.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-06