Calgary Herald

1953-02-28 Page 6


Mrs. A. M. Purvis Named National I.O.D.E. Councilor

The February meeting of the Chinook Chapter, I.O.D.E. was held at the home of Mrs. R. L. Nicholson, with the re-elected regent, Mrs. W. P. Williams, in the chair. It was decided to supply milk for children overseas for three months through the Unitarian Services.
Mrs. A. M. Purvis and Mrs. W. P. Williams were elected as provincial councilors to represent the chapter and Mrs. A. M. Purvis was elected as national councilor.
The following slate of officers was elected for the coming year: Mrs. R. M. Wilson, first vice-regent; Mrs. A. P. Dodds, second vice-regent; Mrs. G. P. Smith, secretary; Mrs. L. H. Price, assistant; Mrs. J. C. Thomson, treasurer; Mrs. Wayne Lee, educational secretary; Mrs. A. K. Butler, standard bearer; Mrs. Tom Moody, Echoes secretary; Conveners: Mrs. D. S. Slattery, services at home and abroad; Mrs. S. Boylan, Empire study; Mrs. S. Brett, films; Mrs. N. V. White,membership; Mrs. M. Buchanan, Canadianization; Mrs. J. T. Bowles, publicity.
The annual meeting was held at the spring luncheon at the home of Mrs. R. M. Wilson. The regent welcomed the guests of honor, Mrs. Thomas Bishop, provincial second vice-president; Mrs. C. D. Ciley, regent of Municipal Chapter and Mrs. R. L. Nicholson, honorary regent of Chinook Chapter.
During the year the members visited the Col. Belcher Hospital and sent books and birthday cakes to the patients. Clothing valued at $150 was sent to needy people at home and overseas. Food parcels were sent to Britain and Christmas parcels to Korea. Magazines were sent to Canadian forces in Germany each month. The chapter's blind protege was taken out each month and many treats provided for her. They also contributed to the British and Empire Relief Fund and the cigarette fund. Thirty personal comfort bags were made and filled by the members.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-25