Calgary Herald

1953-02-03 Page 6


Women's Order Elects Executive At Annual Meeting

At a recent meeting the following officers of Co-Mus-Zuanna No. 75 Women of the Orient were installed by Mrs. John Shelley, deputy supreme ashayhi with Mrs. Harry Horwell, deputy supreme guide, and staff officiating:
Past Ashayhi, Mrs. E. Hodson; great Ashayhi, Mrs. E. B. Taylor; queen Ashayhi, Mrs. M. L. Bowman; Oriental guide, Mrs. Sidney G. Splane; keeper of traditions, Mrs. Arthur S. Evans; collector of shekels, Mrs. E. Godfrey; keeper of shekels, Mrs. M. E. Johnson; prelate, Mrs. Thomas Mullen; and trustee, Mrs. E. Hodson.
Other officers elected include: color bearers, Mrs. M. Fisher, Mrs. L. M. Holmes and Mrs. M. E. Pringle; guard of Zuanna, Mrs. William Read; syndic, Mrs. E. Armstrong; detector, Mrs. Ernest Channen; executioner, Mrs. M. McNabb; assistant detector, Mrs. Harry Horwell; assistant executioner, Mrs. G. Koch; musician, Mrs. E. Allison, and captain of degree, Mrs. W. Showers.
Following the degree Mrs. John Shelley and Mrs. Harry Horwell were presented with gifts, and Mrs. E. Godfrey presented Mrs. E. Hodson with the past Ashayhi's jewel.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13