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Love In Bloom Among Members Of Golden Age 

Love bloomed profusely at the Golden Age Club during 1952. There were eight marriages between members, who are all over the age of 65.
The honorable treasurer, Mr. F. A. Pain, reported $513 raised during the year and a balance of $172 in the bank. Membership fees from the Mewata and Labor Temple branches amounted to $332.
MR. ALEX CALHOUN was re-elected president of the club heading the following executive slate: First vice-president, G. W. Clarke; second vice-president, Mrs. John Mooney; honorary treasurer, F. A. Pain; honorary secretary, J. D. Middlemass; solicitor, J. C. Mahaffy, Q.C.; auditor, C. H. Boucher; representative for the Mewata Club Council, George McElroy; Mrs. K. Clennan, Mrs. F. W. Stone; representative for the Labor Temple Council, GeorgeLowe, George Nesbitt, Mrs. G. Hendricks.
Members of the board of directors, Margaret Kearns, Mrs. J. D. Middlemass, Leishman McNeil, Mrs. S. Stewart McAra, R. T. Alderman, Mrs. G. Dimple, Mrs. L. Chambers, Mrs. W. A. Hall, Mrs. E. Yates, Mrs. M. Brown, Mrs. L. Huhn. Junior Service League Committee Chairman, Mrs. John Mooney and Mrs. Paul Brockie.

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