Calgary Herald

1953-01-20 Page 6



Pythian Sisters Hold Installation Of New Executive 
At the recent meeting of Harmony temple No. 14, Pythian Sisters, past grand chief Mrs. Ormie Mead, assisted by grand senior Mrs. Len Johnson and grand manager Mrs. Thorwald Rasmussen, conducted the installation of officers for 1953. A banquet preceded the meeting.
The new slate of is as follows: past chief, Mrs. Thorwald Rasmussen; most excellent chief, Mrs. Blain Wright; senor, Mrs. Arthur Holmes; junior, Mrs. Helen Dash; manager, Mrs. Archie Miller; secretary, Mrs. Thomas Envolsen; treasurer, Mrs. Bert Jacques; protector, Mrs. Lorne Cain; guard, Mrs. C. Cruickshanks; and pianist, Mrs. Nellie Wood.
Past chief Mrs. Thorwald Rasmussen was presented with a gift by Mrs. Blain Wright, and Mrs. Ormie Mead presented Mrs. Rasmussen with the past chief's pin and certificate. Gifts were also presented to Mrs. Nellie Wood, pianist, and installing officer Mrs. Ormie Mead. The presentations were concluded with gifts from Mrs. Mead to her assistant, Mrs. Len Johnson and Mrs. Rasmussen.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-22