Calgary Herald

1953-12-05 Page 3


Local Scout Officials Named 

H. F. Chritchley, Charles B. Gibson and Dr. J. J. Dobry have been named as chairmen of the three main committees of the local Boy Scouts Association.
Chritchley will head the finance and camp committee, Mr. Gibson the organization and extension committee and Dr. Dobry the administrative end of the council.
DISTRICT Commissioner J. V. Spurr will have the following persons as assistant area commissioners: Len Sykes for the 
cubs, W. A. Jewkes for the scouts and William Botting for the handicapped.
Area commissioners for the cubs are: West, M. A. J. Hicks; north, Rose Bombardie; east, L. C. Boag, and south, Jim Marshall. For the scouts: West, Norman Beech; north, Robert Grant; east, Jack Toombs, and south, Tom Thomas. Group contacts are the following: West, George Nenzell; north, William McLeod; east, Mrs. Julia Murphy, and south, C. S. Hunt.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-25