Calgary Herald

1953-02-03 Page 6


Executive Elected By Scout, Guide L.A. 

At the January meeting of the L.A. to the 7th Troop Boys Scouts and Girl Guides Association, the following officers for 1953 were installed:
Past presidents, Mrs. James Bell and Mrs. Alex McLuckie; president, Mrs. E. A. Morrison; first and second vice-presidents, Mrs. Alex McLuckie and Mrs. Harry Robinson, respectively; secretary, Mrs. Arthur Cox, and treasurer, Mrs. J. M. Atkinson.
The various committees will be convened as follows: flowers, Mrs. R. H. Jordison; sewing, Mrs. H. N. Buchan; cards and press, Mrs. T. G. Robson; district representative, Mrs. L. A. Daniels; telephone, Mrs. M. J. Armstrong, Mrs. L. A. Daniels, Mrs. L. H. Price, and Mrs. B. C. Holmes; and social, Mrs. R. W. Ritchie, Mrs. R. A. Holder and Mrs. W. Lockhead.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-13