Calgary Herald

1953-04-25 Page 6


L.A. To Scouts Sees Executive Installed 

At the recent annual meeting of the L.A. to the 6th Troop Boy Scouts Association, Mrs. L. A. Daniels of Scout Headquarters, presided, and installed the following slate of officers.
President, Mrs. F. G. Foster; vice-president, Mrs. J. S. Hagan; secretary, Mrs. Nert Nagle; treasurer, Mrs. Ernest Latham; social convener, Mrs. J. A. Hole; sewing, Mrs. J. E. Cocks; flowers, Mrs. R. L. McComb; cards, Mrs. George Dunfield; scarves, Mrs. N. D. Clowes; press and advertising, Mrs. R. H. Castle.
On behalf of the members Mrs. Bert Nagle presented Mrs. Henry Osborne, retiring president, with an auxiliary pin. Plans were completed for the annual spring tea to be held May 6.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-19