Calgary Herald

1953-06-06 - Page 13


Royal Purple Election Held 

(By Herald Correspondent)
election of officers at the Royal Purple lodge resulted as follows: Mrs. Phil Gibson, honored royal lady; Mrs. Frances Flanagan, past honored royal lady; associate lady, Mrs. Pearl Dobbie; loyal lady, Mrs. Milly Hembree; lecturing lady, Mrs. Veda Mulholland; secretary, Mrs. F. M. Fraser, (returned), treasurer, Mrs. Ruth Sundquist, (returned), conductress, Mrs. B. F. Whitney;chaplain; Mrs. Edna Eskeland (returned), inner guard; Mrs. Lois Little; outer guard, Mrs. Violet Young; pianist, Mrs. Lucille Rea(returned); trustees, 3rd year, Mrs. Jennie Schlosser; 2nd year, Mrs. Daisy Hagerman; 1st year, Mrs. Hazel Jarvis.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-06