Calgary Herald

1953-02-28 Page 6


Women of Moose Initiated Recently At Moose Temple 

Mrs. L. C. Knapp, Mrs. W. Maleczek, Mrs. M. A. Halvorson, Mrs. Christina Taglor, Mrs. G. D. Davies, Mrs. J. R. Robinson, Mrs. A. T. Cowitz, Mrs. G. R. Forster, Mrs. J. C. Rintoul, and Miss Sheila Dressel, were initiated in to the defending circle, Women of The Moose, Calgary Chapter, No. 951, at the monthly chapter meeting in the Moose Temple, with the senior regent Mrs. Glen Krausnick presiding.
Honored guests were the pilgrim brother, Mr. R. C. Rosser, and the past deputy grand regent and member of the College of Regents, Mrs. Omer Palin. Mr. Rosser gave a short talk on the ritual work and the progress of the order.
The program, sponsored by the ritual committee, with Mrs. Dave Kell chairman, presented a miniature pageant representing the respective committees. Taking part in the pageant were Mrs. Aurell Smythe, Mrs. Ralph Mitchel, Mrs. Wesley Patterson, Mrs. Emil Speckmaier, Mrs. J. S. Cole, Mrs. R. C. Rosser,Mrs. Sidney Bent, Mrs. R. Miller, Mrs. Allan Clarke, Mrs. E. Bradley, Mrs. Everett Thorell, Mrs. Steve Toporoski, Mrs. J. Goacher, Mrs. M. Mhacher, Mrs. Ann Lewis, Mrs. D. S. Kell, Mrs. T. Richter, Mrs. J. Maveety and Mrs. L. Gaunt. Music was provided by Mrs. D. Kirk.
The next business meeting will be held Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the Moose temple.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-25