Calgary Herald

1953-03-23 Page 13



N. E. Tanner New President Of Boy Scouts
F. S. Fry, Calgary, Named Alberta Commissioner
N. E. Tanner, Calgary, former minister of mines and resources with the provincial government, was elected president of the Boy Scouts Association,Alberta Provincial Council, Saturday at the associations annual meeting in Edmonton.
Retiring president was W. J. Dick, Edmonton, who has held the position for 30 years.
F. S. FRY, Calgary, former assistant provincial commissioner, will fill the position of provincial commissioner vacated by Mr. Tanner.
Patron of the association will be Lieut. Governor J. J. Bowlen.
Other officers elected were: honorary president, Hon. E. C. Manning, premier of Alberta; vice-presidents, R. V. MacCosham, Edmonton, and Charles E. Little, Lethbridge; honorary treasurer, James Walker, O.B.E., Edmonton; honorary secretary, C. J. Long, Edmonton, and honorary council, R. C. Burns, Q.C., Calgary.
MEMBERS of the executive committee will be: W. J. Dick, Edmonton; J. D. Dower, Edmonton; H. G. Jenson, Edmonton; G. E. Taylor, Edmonton; Eric L. Harvie, Q.C., Calgary; D. K. Yorath, Edmonton; C. B. Layton, Medicine Hat; R. J. Dinning, Calgary; C. J. Wight, Glenwood; H. W. Newby, Turner Valley; T. B. Campbell, Lethbridge; H. R. Hutchings, Medicine Hat; C. B. Gibson, Calgary; P. W. D. Stopford, Calgary; William Guss, Calgary; Gordon Payne, Red Deer; A. A. Aldridge, Edmonton; A. H. Dickson, Edmonton; J. G. Norrington, Edmonton; F. A. Richens, Edmonton; and  T. W. Salton, Edmonton.
It was  reported that membership increased by 2,244 during the last year to total more than 11,000. This includes 6,423 Wolf Cubs, 3,597 Boy Scouts, 78 Lone Scouts, 46 Rover Scouts and 905 Scouters. There are 294 community groups in the province.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-27