Calgary Herald

1953-02-21 Page 11


Seven Councilors Named In County

(By Herald Correspondent)
BROOKS-- Results of elections held in the County of the Newell, Friday, for seven county councilors follow giving votes for candidates, with first elected:
Division 1 (Rolling Hills) Norval A. Shuttleworth, 149; George A. Larsen, 134.
Division 2 (Tilley) Konstanty Waraksa, 111; Soren Peterson, 73. 
Division 3 (Patricia) 
Patrick McAleese, 81; James L. Groves, 43.
Division 4 (Scandia-Ranier) William R. Lokier, 92; Arthur Larson, 70.
Division 5 (Brooks) Jeppe 
Mortensen, 161; Albert T. Johnson, 46.
Division 7 (Rosemary) Harold Ockey, 31; Clark
 M. Lund, 15.
Division 9 (Gem) Gordon Douglas, 101; John Van Bergen, 55.
IN ADDITION, the following acclamations were proclaimed
 by returning officer Robert E. Wigmore:
For county councilors:
Division 6 (Duchess) Ben E. Plumer.
Division 8 (Bassano) Ralph Arrison.
For representatives on the county school committee (for towns and villages) Mrs. Mabel Kelly, Bassano; Glen Stanford, Rosemary; 
David C. Foster, Tilley.
Shuttleworth and McAleese were members of the old municipal council and Ockey the chairman of
 the school division board.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-19