Calgary Herald

1953-10-15 Page 2


New Council Takes Office On Monday

Official proclamation of the Calgary election results will be read in the City Hall Friday at noon by Jack Miller, city clerk. The successful candidates will be sworn in at a special council meeting Monday at 10 a.m. Mr. Miller also will officiate at the swearing-in ceremony.
This is the second year that the Calgary council has taken office the first Monday following the election. In previous years, the new council did not sit until the first Monday after the start of the new year.
The new civic boards will be:
D. H. Mackay, Independent.

Arthur R. Smith, Ind.
Mrs. Rose Wilkinson, Ind.
P. N. R. Morrison, Labor.
Grant MacEwan, C.G.A.
Ald. Paul Brecken, C.G.A.

E. Bruce Watson, Labor.
Mel Shannon, C.G.A.
Ald. E. H. Starr, Ind.
Ald. Fred Parker, C.G.A.

Ald. Walter Boote, Labor. 
Ald. Mrs. Hermon Stevens, Ind.
E. B. Lyle, C.G.A.
P. P. C. Haigh, Ind.

Dr. J. K. Mulloy, C.G.A.
Lou Goodwin, C.G.A.
Trustee Dudley Ward, Labor.

Trustee Mrs. Nettie Mowers.
Trustee Evelyn Leew, C.G.A.
Glenn L. Palfrey, C.G.A.
Fred Kenny
Thomas J. Sutcliffe
D. A. Cooney
Mrs. A. N. MacDonald
Joseph Comessotti
(The last three elected by acclamation this year.)

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-12-23