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Nominations Civic Election Nominations

..... south side aldermanic candidates. Three of the council members elected must be South side residents and only three-- Ald. H. E. Tanner, Clifford Roy and Mr. Harries were nominated. The only issue is who will get the lowest vote and the resulting one-year term.
COMPLETE aldermanic slates:
Edmonton-- Ald. Abe Miller, Ald. Dr. Rupert Clare, Ald. Tanner, Mr. Roy, Mr. Harries, Charles Simmonds, all Citizens' Committee; Sidney Bowcott, Mrs. Julia Kiniski and Mrs. Phoebe McCullough, all Independent.
Lethbridge-- Mr. Shackleford, Reginald Myers, Ald. Turcotte, all Civic Government Association; James E. Helwig, E. J. Seager, both Civic Labor Organization; Ald. Lilliam Parry, Women's Citizens Association.
Medicine Hat-- Ald. Mrs. Lillian Gust, Ald. J. W. Douglas, Ald. S. F. Scott, Mrs. Susan McArthur, Harry C. Leinweber, Ernest Heald.
Red Deer - Ald. Paul R. Brown, Arthur Allen, Lorne W. Askin, Mrs. Mary T. Bowles, Ernest C. Fletcher, James A. Lampart.
Drumheller-- Ald. Allan Hamilton, Ald. Wilfred Poxon, Trygve Seland, Wendell Greene, Robert McKinley.
Wetaskiwin-- Ald. Stanley H. Hendrickson, Ald. Harry A. Meraw, William Dranyer, John Danyluk, Mills W. Parker.
ACCLAMATIONS for other civic posts included:
Edmonton-- Public school board: James F. Falconer, William H. Cowley, Rex Stevenson, all new candidates; John H. Thorogood, Mrs. M. E. Butterworth, both re-elected.
Lethbridge-- Public school board: G. C. Paterson, C.G.A., re-elected; Grant G. Woolley, C.L.O.; separate school board: L. M. Bruchet, R. D. Gruenwald, William Tennant, all re-elected; municipal hospital board: F. Whittick, C. O. Asplund, both re-elected.
Medicine Hat-- Public school board: C. W. Niblock, re-elected; James E. Newton.
Red Deer-- Public school board: George England, G. R. Holmes, R. L. G. Keeling; separate school board: R. Gauthier, R. L. Hepworth; hospital board: A. R. Little, J. M. McAfee.
Drumheller-- Hospital board: Gover C. Duncan.
Wetaskiwin-- Public school board: Elmer Lundell, Dr. L. E. Johnson; separate school board: S. Perry, M. H. Fonteyne, Rev. J. R. Macdonald.

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