Calgary Herald

1953-04-08 - Page 2


Hospital Board Nominations 

(By Herald Correspondent)
MEDICINE HAT-- Three local businessmen, including an alderman, were recommended by city council at Tuesday night's meeting to serve on the provisional board that will be charged with making plans for an addition to the hospital here. They are Donald Hawthorne, Ed Sept and Harry Hutchings.
The recommendations will be forwarded to the province who will name the members of the board that will consist of four representatives of the city and four from district municipalities. The board will be set up by the province when it receives notification of willingness to join a district hospital from all municipalities that intend to come into the plan to improve and extend hospital facilities.
ALTHOUGH PLANNING of the facilities will be up to the board present plans under consideration entail a 100-bed hospital wing costing some  $1,250,000 to be added on to the present structure with more wings built in the future until the present building is replaced. The new wing would also include such central services as operating rooms, kitchen office and laundry.
The present structure, built before the turn of the century and the first hospital in Western Canada between Vancouver and Winnipeg, is considered obsolete and was condemned some years ago by provincial inspectors. It has 147 beds.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-06