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..... Buttars, Frank Doolan and Matthew McLuckie.
Mr. Wray was nominated by Mrs. E. C. Rowell, Mrs. S. A. Dickson, Mrs. Wray, Mary J. Hogan, Sally Hogan, Mrs. Ruth Anderson, Nel Burroughs, Hazel McEwen, James H. Eddy.
Alderman Brecken by A. F. Barnes?, Fred Parker, W. C. Frickelton, R. M. Johnston, Fred Stapells and A. P. Foster.  Mr. MacEwan by A. M. Shoults, J. D. Petrie, Noel A. Farrow, Frank R. Freeze and Reg C. Carlile.
Mr. Salter, making his first bid for council, was nominated by Ernest J. Munson, Ernest E. Peterson, Dr. John W. Clay, Ralph W. Henderson, R. M. McCool, Bertram W. Symes, Charles Kennedy, Howard P. Wright, J. Angus McKinnon and J. W. Durno.
Mr. Shannon by James C. Mahaffy, Harold W. Riley, George W. Clark, Eldon M. Wooliams, R. V. Deyell, R. M. Nichols, A. M. Shoults, Spencer Cumming and Charles K. Vernon.
Ald. Watson by A. C. Rockley, D. F. McIntosh, H. S. Vickers, R. P. Rintoul, Grant McHardy, Michael Jarenko, H. M. Hartney, Betty Swanston and Wynne Deines.
Ald. Morrison by S. M. Paulson, J. P. McCusker, Margaret Grant and Edward Carvell.  
Mr. Callbeck by L. M. Colwell, L. H. Gier, S. Poffenroth, P. N. R. Morrison, Harry Watson, E. Bruce Watson, R. T. Russell, D. F. McIntosh, G. Shaw and W. J. Holt.
Mr. Brodgen by R. P. Rintoul, James S. Ockley, D. F. McIntosh, J. N. Ellis, B. C. Hornbrook, Jean Ockley and E. G. Callbeck.
Mr. Smith by Ed. O'Connor, Gordon S. Houghton, Dr. W. Ross Upton, Harry B. Cohen, John Banffy, Stewart Adams, P. P. C. Haigh, Carl O. Nickle and V. A. Cooney.
Mr. Kizema by Nick Erenko, John Andruschuk, Frank Rogers and Steve Josul.
Mr. Banffy by M. V. Anderson, Ho Lem, Mrs. Winnifred B. Worrall, Fred G. Berrill, Bruce M. Leyden, Walter F. Chuckla, S. Brzyski, Mrs. Isabella Stevens, George C. Armstrong, Dr. D. W. Ramsay, Col. Douglas Harkness, H. A. Hildermann, C. O. Nickle and Arthur R. Smith. 
Mr. Hansen by J. B. O'Connor, A. D. Cole, J. W. Wake, J. C. Matlock, W. Musgrove, N. R. Frankish, W. Unger, J. Folzain and George Rand.
IN RED DEER, the mayoralty candidates will be Harvey Halladay and Alec Sim. Mayor Paul Crawford will not seek another term.
The aldermanic candidates will be Arthur Allen, Lorne W. Askin, Mrs. Mary T. Bowles, Paul R. Brown, Ernest C. Fletcher, and James A. Lampart. The only one seeking re-election is Mr. Brown. Three have to be elected for two-year terms.
For school board, public school district 104, there have been nominated G. M. England, G. R. Holmes, R. L. G. Keeling; for seperate school district No. 17, R. Gauthier, R. L. Hepworth. All school board candidates go into office by acclamation.
Two hospital board members also go in by acclamation. They are A. R. Little and J. M. McAfee.
AT DRUMHELLER two persons are contesting the mayoralty vote. They are William H. Anderson, an insurance agent, and Robert Brennand, wholesale manager who has been acting mayor since July.
Five aldermanic candidates have entered the race for three seats. They are Wendell Greene, Allan Hamilton, Robert McKinley, Wilfred Poxon and Trygve Seland. Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Poxon are seeking re-election.
For the school board posts there are three vacancies and four men in the running. They are Jesse C. Bigelow, W. Arnold Irving, Gwilym Powell and Dr. Wesley Read.
Grover C. Duncan was named to the hospital board by acclamation.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-12-14