Calgary Herald

1953-04-01 Page 8


Socreds Name New Officers

(By Herald Correspondent)
FERNIE, B.C.-- L. S. Hurd was elected president of the Jaffray Social Credit group at its annual meeting held Wednesday. Mrs. Mabel McNeill was namedvice-president, and Harold D. Wilson, secretary-treasurer.
Walter Semeniuk and Peter Guglich will form the entertainment and finance committee, with Mrs. Walter Sheridan as refreshment convener.
HORACE DUKE, Fernie constituency president, as guest speaker, gave a talk on S
ocial Credit principles. He stressed the importance of each group, and the part it played in constituency affairs.
The speaker stated that there are 800 million starving people today in the Far East. These starving millions, he stated, are turning to Communism for a crust of bread.
HE SAID, " Unless our western so-calle
d Christian, democratic nations take immediate action to feed these starving millions, regardless of profit, our present civilization is doomed to be trampled under the iron heel of communism, despotism and dictatorship."
ohn Rosaine, president of the Waldo Social Credit group, reported on the growth and activities of his organization. Avery Holmes, vice-president of the Waldo group, outlined helpful suggestions on group affairs and operations.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-06