Calgary Herald

1953-01-20 Page 6


Calgary Liberal Women Elect Mrs. Ralph Johnson 

THE NEW SLATE of officers, brought in by the nominating committee headed by Mrs. W. H. Ross, was accepted unanimously, and is as follows: past president, Mrs. O. T. Dean; honorary presidents, Mrs. George Ross, Mrs. George Prudham and Mrs. Hugh John MacDonald; president, Mrs. Ralph Johnson; and first, second, third and fourth vice-presidents, Mrs. W. B. Cromarty, Mrs. Russell Clarke, Alderman Mrs. M. G. Dover, and Mrs. Robert Mamini.
Other officers elected include Mrs. V. A. Cooney, recording secretary; Mrs. Patricia Davis, corresponding secretary; Mrs. James Ryan, treasurer; Mrs. W. H. Ross, press; Mrs. J. M. Brett, Mrs. W. P. Taylor, Mrs. C. B. Murphy, Mrs. J. M. McGuire and Mrs. Murray Green, social committee; Mrs. F. A. Leew, education; and Mrs. O. T. Dean and Mrs. W. B. Cromarty, distinguished visitors committee.
ELECTED to the membership committee were Mrs. Frank Hussey, Mrs. Grace McBratney, Mrs. R. J. Ducharme, Mrs. Collier Maberley and Mrs. O. T. Dean. Councillors elected include Mrs. E. A. McCullough, Mrs. R. L. Nicolson, Mrs. Mary Colton, Mrs. F. Buchanan, Mrs. Clair Cote, Mrs. Grace McBratney, Mrs. G. H. Macgee, Mrs. George Hiett, Mrs. G. Reynolds, Mrs. Alan Purvis, Mrs. R. J. Ducharme, Mrs. E. J. Brookes, Mrs. J. J. O'Connor, Mrs. M. Taylor, Mrs. J. A. Green, Mrs. J. Elliott White and Mrs. E. Ryan.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-22