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Calgary Herald

1953-01-30 Page 19


ANAF Veterans Name Officers

A new board of officers for the year 1953 was elected at the annual meeting of the Calgary branch of the Army, Navy and Air Force in the association's club rooms recently.
Named as president was W. A. Williams, while J. C. Boyd became first vice-president. Second vice-president is W. N. Johnson. Immediate past president is Rod Macdonald, who headed the association for the past four years. 
A nine-man executive council was also elected to office. These were: Bern Steer, Fred Dougan, Harold Berry, Robert Cunningham, B. J. O'Neil, Richard Jage, Lou Atkin, J
. J. Young and Al McCallum. 
Trustees are Mr. Williams, Harold Riley, Q.C., and Sid Baldwin. Elected as 

sergeant-at-arms was Charlie Burrows. 

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-09-06