Calgary Herald

1953-01-16 Page 6



Legion L.A. Elects Mrs. E. J. Pickard As President

At the recent meeting of the L.A. to the Canadian Legion B.E.S.L., Mr. R. W. Henderson, president of the Legion's No. 1 branch, conducted the election of officers.
President is Mrs. E. J. Pickard; first and second vice-presidents, Mrs. Foster Williams and Mrs. George Boon; secretary, Mrs. A. A. Allison; treasurer, Mrs. Eric Haynes; and membership secretary, Mrs. Roy Tovell.
Members elected to the executive include Mrs. E. Crichton, Mrs. Lionel Exelby, Mrs. Harold Smith, Mrs. A. Jackson, Mrs. W. J. Miller and Mrs. Robert Stevens.
The following new members were initiated: Mrs. F. J. Longden, Mrs. R. S. Williams, Mrs. William Shaw, Mrs. S. L. Wilkinson, Mrs. Merlon Biswanger, Mrs. M. D. Webster and Mrs. E. B. Nason.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-17