Calgary Herald

1953-04-04 Page 25


Coronation Contingents Are Named

The names of 27 officers and men, all members of Calgary's permanent force army garrison, who will form part of of Canada's coronation contingent, were released in Calgary today.

The men, two from Lord Strathcona's Horse (RC), 12 each from the 1st and 2nd Battalions, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and one from No. 13 Company, Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, will form part of the army contingent which will be commanded by Lt.-Col. J. R. Stone, D.S.O. and two Bars, M.C., commanding officer, 2nd Battalion.
Those detailed to attend are:
Lord Strathcona's Horse (RC): Sgt. C. W. Thwaites and Tpr. W. E. Rhindress;
1ST BATTALION, Patricias: Capt. R. W. Dudley, Sgt. K. G. Tutts, B.E.M., Cpl. D. S. McLeod, Cpl. R. C. Reding, L/Cpl. G. P. Susinski, Pte. M. L. Bowlby, Pte. C. V. Hatcher, Pte. R. Barker, Pte. W. F. Coulter, Pte. T. D. Slattery, Pte. G. Lalonde and Pte. G. Dingman;
2nd Battalion, Patricias: Capt. R. C. Swinton, M.C., CSM (WO2) J. C. Coutts, Cpl. J. Stephens, Cpl. J. K. Kelly, L/Cpl. M. J. Litzenburg, Pte. M. E. Kilby, Pte. P. R. Beka, Pte. E. R. Murphy, Pte. D. C. Fraser, Pte. V. C. Burke, Pte. R. C. Pettifer, Pte. R. R. Lewis; 
No. 13 Company, R.C.E.M.E.: Sgt. E. Gibbs.
THE R.C.A.F. has announced the names of 21 Albertans who will be part of a contingent of 213 officers, airmen and airwomen representing the Canadian air arm at the coronation.
The 15 airwomen attending the coronation will be led in parade by Squadron Leader Sylvia Evans of Edmonton, from Air Force headquarters, Ottawa. Airwoman C. D. Sutherland of Calgary who is with the 2403 (Aux.) Radar Unit will be the other Albertan airwoman at the coronation.
Squadron Leader Don Laubman, Edmonton, will command the air force personnel assigned to street lining duty. Albertans included in this party are Sgt. T. J. Banks, Lethbridge; Cpl. K. A. Knobbs, Calgary; AC D. E. Hunt, Fort Macleod; Cpl. T. L. Wood, Calgary; LAC R. E. Bohmer, Edmonton.
ALBERTANS in the marching party are: Cpl. R. G. Moon, Didsbury; Cpl. N. P. Shelock, Ispas; F/O D. R. A. Furnell, Ohaton; LAC D. Brien, Edmonton; Sgt. A. T. Ellicott, Edmonton; WO A. Williamson, Calgary; F/Sgt. J. M. Taylor, Edmonton; Cpl. D. W. Hillman, Edmonton; Cpl. T. A. Roycraft, Edmonton; LAC Nickerson, Edmonton; Cpl. E. Classen, Haddock; Cpl. E. S. Colwell, Calgary.
F/Lt. W. P. Mayhew of Edmonton will be accounts officer in the administrative party from Canada.

Extracted by J. Kynman