Calgary Herald

1953-01-17 Page 28



Officers Named By Veterans

(By Herald Correspondent)
NATAL, B.C.    The Michel-Natal branch, Canadian Legion, held its annual meeting when officers were named for the 1953 term. Donald McFarlane of Michel was elected president of the Michel-Natal Branch, replacing N. Hughes; while Robert Taylor of Michel was elected vice-president.
The executive committee will consist of George Mannion, Tom Findley, Norman Hughes, Bert Lyne and I. R. Hughes.
PAUL LATKA of Natal was re-elected for his 12th term as president of the National Slovak Society recently. Other officers returned were vice-president, John Katrichuk of Michel; Louis Krall, Natal, secretary, fourth term; Tom Krall, Natal, treasurer, fourth term; Mike Balint, Michel, recording secretary. Auditing committee-- John Galla and Paul J. Chala; sick committee-- Albert Krall Sr. for Michel and Alex Klemak, Natal.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-08-22