Calgary Herald

1953-04-28 Page 12




'Bay' Honors 14 Employees

Fourteen employees of The Hudson's Bay Company received long service badges and honorarium cheques at a tea in their honor today in the staff lounge.

The presentations were made by Norman Douglas, store manager, who attended with senior executives of the Calgary store.
RECIPIENTS were Eileen Stevenson, 25 years; Walter Matthews, 25 years; Mrs. Cecilia Brown, 10 years; Margaret McKnight, 10 years; Bud Marquardt, 15 years; Del Folger, 15 years; Ernest Swanberg, 15 years; James Donald, 10 years; Irene Kneeshaw, 10 years; Genevieve Kehoe, 10 years; Gordon Lust, 10 years; Shirley Wright, 10 years; J. D. Peterson, 15 years and Lillian Bell, 10 years.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-19