Calgary Herald

1953-06-16 Page 29







Service Awards To B.A. Workers

Twenty-five employees of British American Oil Company Ltd., in Calgary received long service awards at a recent company get-together in the city.

Gold lapel pins for 10-year's service, with a diamond inserted for each additional five years of service, were presented to the 25 men. A pin with four diamonds, representing 30 years of service to the company, was presented to Hugh Harper. Pins for 25 year's service went to Lon Birkbeck, A. E. Clark, Peter Gerlitz, J. E. Warwick and Gus Franklin.
FIFTEEN-YEAR PINS went to Stan Godlinton, G. C. Grafton, Glen Keating, L. L. McMahen, A. P. Newall, J. M. Rose, Ted Whiteley and D. S. Woodman.
Presented with 10-year pins were: W. G. Aitken, H. E. Allsop, J. D. Betteridge, F. E. Campbell, T. L. Dancey,  W. L. Day, R. A. Jasper, George Jensen, C. J. Maxwell, Peter Nash and E. E. Whipple.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-16