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1953-06-13 Page 36




Canadian Gulf  Promotion List 

Canadian Gulf  Oil Company's General Manager, E. D. Loughney, today announced several organization changes and staff appointments in the company's Canadian operations. The new appointments are in the production, exploration and advisory departments of Canadian Gulf.
E. J. Gallagher has been appointed manager of the production department. He joined Gulf in 1930, and served as engineer and district engineer in various U.S.A. areas until 1946, when he was appointed distirct superintendent of production for New Mexico. In 1951 he was promoted superintendent of operations at the division office in Tulsa.
OTHER KEY personnel in the Canadian production department include: F. D. Aaring, M. R. Dimple and R. M. Pruit.
P. L. Gassett, formerly manager of production for Canadian Gulf, has been transferred to Gulf's Tulsa office.
E. J. Baltrusaitis has been appointed manager of the exploration department. He graduated in mining engineering in 1935, and joined Gulf in 1937, and has served in various United States areas, as geologist and area manager. Other key personnel in the exploration department include: S. G. Pearson, Dr. O. A. Erdman and N. J. Warthe.
R. P. LOCKWOOD is appointed special assignments advisor to the general manager and will be responsible for land trading. Mr. Lockwood attended Drury College, in Missouri, where he obtained a B.A. degree in geology in 1927 and later obtained his Master's degree in geology at Harvard University. He joined Gulf in 1933-- served in the mid-continent area and in 1941 was transferred to Canada to do geological research work in Alberta. Mr. Lockwood was promoted zone geologist in 1946 and to exploration manager in 1950.
Completing the advisory staff of the general manager are, J. S. Kittle, supply advisor; J. R. Hardie, fiscal advisor; M. A. Mears, administrative advisor; M. V. McDill, crude oil supply and disposition advisor; A. A. Williams, employee relations advisor; J. B. Fraser, tax and insurance advisor.
R. J. COPELAND had been promoted to the position of geophysical supervisor, replacing L. I. Brockway who has been transferred toGulf's Hamarville, Pennsylvania, laboratory. Mr. Copeland has been engaged in various phases of geophysical research in the southern states until 1949, at which time he was transferred to Canadian operations as field supervisor.
Chief geophysicist is H. J. McGrew, who joined Gulf's organization in 1937. He served as geophysical interpreter in various areas of the U.S.A. followed by 2 1/2 years in Denmark, prior to his transfer to Canadian operations.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-16