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H.S.A. Election Held At Acadia

(By Herald Correspondent)
The Home and School Association elected the following officers last week, for the ensuing year: president, Mrs. H. Krempien; vice-presidents, L. E. Niwa and R. W. Shannon; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Tom Burke.
Conveners are: program, George Yakemchuk; finance, Nick Skappak; recreational, H. Neilson; membership, Mrs. Anne Kuhn; lunch, Mrs. W. W. McGhee; hospitality, Mrs. F. C. Peers.
MRS. R. E. LEWIS was made a life member, prior to her retirement after 16 years of service here. She noted a considerable improvement in school relations since the formation of the H.S.A. here six years ago.
Mrs. Krempien, convention delegate, gave a report.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-30