Calgary Herald

1953-06-10 Page 7



Bankview H.S.A. Instals Executive

At the recent meeting of the Bankview H.S.A., Mrs. David Haggarty was installed president by Mrs. G. A. Bateson, regional chairman of the Calgary Council of H.S.A.
Other officers installed were as follows: honorary president, Miss Hazel B. Byers; first vice-president, Mrs. W. J. MacDonald; secondvice-president, Mrs. A. W. Farmilo; secretary, Mrs. J. K. Fletcher; treasurer, Mrs. H. A. Robinson; program, Mrs. C. Greenwood; social, Mrs. Bryon MacDonnel and Mrs. C. F. Milner; sick and visiting, Mrs. G. L. Burke; membership, Mrs. B. L. Berlin; Home and School Council, Mrs. D. E. Fraser; press, Mrs. H. C. Fletcher.
A program was presented by Mrs. D. I. McRoberts and Miss Dulcie Bishop. Plans were made for the school sports day June 10.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-10