Calgary Herald

1953-09-04 Page 11


Conservatory Music Results Are Announced

Many Calgarianís Win Scholarships, Silver Medals 

The Royal Conservatory of Music today announced results  of recent examinations held for Calgary students. The results cover instrumental and vocal students in Grades one to 10. Results are:
Grade I-- Holiday McCutchin $30, Frederick Harris scholarship and silver medal; Michael McCormick, silver medal.
Grade II-- Rae Garden, silver medal.
Grade III-- Francine Kopi, silver medal.
Grade V-- John E. Gazsi, silver medal.
Grade VI-- Andrew Dawes $30, Frederick Harris scholarship.
Grade I-- Gerald Tosh $30, Frederick Harris scholarship and silver medal. 
Grade II-- Mary Jane McKay, silver medal.
Grade IV-- Donna Desjardines, silver medal.
 Grade VI-- Judith E. Pearson, silver medal.
Grade IX-- Lois Callaway $30, Frederick Harris scholarship and silver medal. 
Grade I-- Chere McQueen $15, Frederick Harris scholarship.
Grade II-- Arlene Coward $15, Frederick Harris scholarship.
Grade III-- Sandra Fowler $15, Frederick Harris scholarship.
Grade V-- Dolores Schakleton $30, Frederick Harris scholarship.
Grade VIII-- Valerie Buker $40, Frederick Harris scholarship.
Grade X-- Elizabeth Atkinson $50, Frederick Harris scholarship.
Grade II-- Russell McKinnon $25, Frederick Harris scholarship and silver medal; Barbara Heuchart.
Grade V-- Marilyn Spivak $25, Frederick Harris scholarship and silver medal; Darilyn Jean Short, silver medal.
Grade VIII-- Roger Perkins, silver medal.

 Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-02-13