Calgary Herald

1953-05-30 Page 18


Mrs. H. T. Robertson President 

Home, School Council Names New Officers

Mrs. H. T. Robertson was elected president of the Calgary Council of Home and School Associations at the annual meeting held Tuesday. She succeeds Mrs. William Elder.
Miss Marjorie V. Smith of the parent education division of the department of extension, University of British Columbia, was the guest speaker and praised the council for the "friendly, co-operative feeling" among its members and for the work it had accomplished during the year.
MISS SMITH, who is attending the western regional conference of the Canadian Association for Adult Education at Banff, was impressed with the outstanding progress made by the council in her field of endeavor.
Mrs. J. G. Cameron, parent education convener for the council, reported the establishment, in co-operation with the Calgary School Board, of parent guidance classes which were exceptionally well attended. She also reported success in the organization of parent study groups for the purpose of discussing subjects of interest to parents of both elementary and high school children. Two groups were also formed of the Council for Retarded Children. Mrs. Cameron thanked Miss Smith for assistance received during the year.
OTHER GUESTS of the evening included Mr. R. A. Cannon, Supt. of Separate Schools, Mr. L. A. Daniels, Director of Elementary Schools, and Mr. R. C. Sinclair, President of the Principals Association. Mr. Daniels delighted his audience with tales of the early struggles of "The Art League", now known as the Home and School Association.
Annual reports were presented by the retiring president, Mrs. William Elder, by regional vice-presidents, Mrs. Stanley Hawkins, Mrs. G. A. Webb and Mrs. John Rimmer; by the treasurer, Mrs. A. G. Stagg and for all other committees by Mrs. W. J. Hackett, acting recording secretary.
It was felt that outstanding work had been done by the radio committee, convened by Mrs. Hackett. Together with the Alberta Teachers Association and the School Board and with the co-operation of radio station CFAC, they presented a 12-series broadcast, "Let's Talk It Over".
DURING THE MEETING Mount Royal H.S.A. presented a resolution resulting from a recent experience with escaping gas in their auditorium. They have requested the school board to ascertain that hereafter every precaution be taken to insure that no school property be put into service until it has been thoroughly inspected.
Mrs. D. A. Hansen, first vice-president of the Alberta Federation of H.S.A., installed the officers. Other on the slate are: Mrs. Fred Parrot, first vice-president; Mrs. Harry Schott, second vice-president; Mrs. N. C. Eastman, recording secretary; Mrs. Felix Leew, corresponding secretary; Mrs. H. F. Dickson, treasurer; Mrs. Stanley Hawkins, Mrs. W. E. Allen and Mrs. G. A. Webb as regional vice-presidents.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-06