Calgary Herald

1953-12-11 Page 6


Hillhurst H.S.A. Elects Executive

The first regular meeting of the Hillhurst H.S.A. was held recently when the following slate of officers was installed: President, Mrs. J. Fleming; associate president, Mrs. H. T. Pritchard; vice-president, Mrs. H. R. Dickieson; associate vice-president, Miss E. G. Hyde;secretary, Mrs. Logan Brown; and treasurer, Mrs. D. N. Rhodes.
Group conveners elected are as follows: programs, Mrs. Ed. Hart; social, Mrs. T. H. Connery; sick-visiting, Mrs. D. McPhail and Mrs. G. L. Graburn; Child and Family  welfare delegate, Mrs. J. Habden; Calgary Council delegate, Mr. F. J. Moir; pianist, Mrs. Alan Hilton; press and receptionist, Mrs. H. R. Dickieson.
Miss Marion Sutherland, visiting teacher from the school guidance department, was guest speaker.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-02-01