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1953-05-04 Page 6



56 Young Women In White Graduate From Holy Cross

Fifty-six graduates of the Holy Cross hospital School of Nursing received their 
diplomas and pins and repeated the professional pledge before an audience of 1,500 in the Capitol theatre Sunday night. The address to the graduating class was given by Dr. Andrew Stewart, president of the University of Alberta, who told the graduates that professional people, such as they "should delight in their work."
professional person does his work, not for the living it brings, but for the pleasure derived from using the qualities he has learned. He does his work in a thorough manner and nothing but the best is good enough for professional conduct," he said.
"There is a close relationship between the 
professional and the client or patient in any professional field. It is an unfortunate thing for the professional if that personal relationship is lost." It was not necessary to take on the worries of the patient, he added, but one could not detach oneself from the patient altogether.
A PROFESSIONAL person belonged to a 
professional group and was loyal to his colleagues. This did not mean that the group could gang up on the public, cover up error or be prepared to expect any thing but the highest standards of conduct from its members. It  meant that one should not belittle the profession, or the people in it, said Dr. Stewart.
"Professional people need a sense of a broad purpose in life," he concluded.
Francis P. Carroll, assisted Rev. Louis Connolly, presented the pins and diplomas. Mayor D. H. Mackay, assisted by Dr. R. W. Ramsay, chairman of the medical staff of Holy Cross Hospital, and Mrs. E. Bland, educational director, presented the special awards.
Joyce Douglas of Verlo, Sask., won the award for general proficiency; Armida Bridarolli of Lethbridge for bedside nursing; Barbara Holmes of High River, for highest standing in theory; Shirley Hanson, Oyen, for proficiency in surgery; Jean McLeod of Lomond, for moral ethics; Betty Rupp of Didsbury for pediatrics; Ivy Purdy, Nelson, B.C., for aseptic technique; and Alice Ginther 
of Calgary for proficiency in obstetrics and greatest promise of professional development.
The valedictory address was given by 
Marian Crawford, president of the student council. Vocal selections were given by Mrs. Kathleen Lloyd Jones accompanied by Mrs. Margaret Berry. The school Glee Club gave several choral numbers under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Berry and accompanied by Phyllis McMillen.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-19