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1953-05-19 - Page 26



For Creative Writing And Art 
Eight Calgarians Win I.O.D.E. Scholarships 

Eight Calgarians were among these listed as winners of the I.O.D.E. creative writing and art scholarship competitions for Albertaschools, according to an announcement from University of Alberta officials today.
The third annual competitions, sponsored by the university's Banff School of Fine Arts and the provincial chapter of the I.O.D.E., 
total $435 in prize moneys. Classifications include Grades 1 to 12.
WINNERS ARE as follows:
CLASS A-1-- Miss Rita J. Peterson, Editor "Chronicles", High School, Wetaskiwin.
A-2-- Lee 
Roughsedge, Editor, "The Western Mirror", Western Canada High School, Calgary.
William Parker, Advertising Manager, "Reno Northern News", Jack Pine School, Reno, Alberta.
Class B-1-- 1, 
Anne Munro, 2502 2nd St. E., Calgary, "Solitude"; 2, Dena Litchinsky, 314 12th St. N.W., Calgary, "Blind Love"; 3, Sally Ann Evans, 1719 13th St. W., Calgary, "The River".
B-2-- 1, 
Sharon Anderson, 2315 16A St. S.W., Calgary, "Go for Broke"; 2, Marlene Nittel, 732 4A St. N.W., Calgary, "The Untimely Return".
B-3-- 1,
 Marina Brussee, Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, "Treaty at Fort Chipewyan"; Kay Eamor, Devon, Alberta, "Alberta Can Brag About Cardston".
CLASS C-1-- 1, 
Lee A. Roughsedge, 1321 11th Ave. W., Calgary, "Witness Another World"; 2, Mary Humphrey, 11033 95th St. Edmonton, "When We Were Young"; 3, Jo Anne Dutka, Canmore, Alberta, "Advice".
C-2-- 1, Ruth Jettkant, c/o E. O. Howard, Victoria Composite High School, Edmonton, "Prisoners"; 2, Gilbert M. Parker, Peace River High School, Peace River, Alberta, "The Breakup".
C-3-- 1, Shirley Johnson, 11209 103 St. Edmonton, "Saga of Home"; 2, Malcolm D. Paterson, 1417 14th Ave. South, Lethbridge, "Kootenai Brown-- Adventurer Royal".
 D-- Mary Humphrey, 11033 95th St., Edmonton; Lee A. Roughsedge, 1321 11th Ave. W. Calgary, Alberta. 
ART SCHOLARSHIP-- Miss Margaret Fraser, Box 132, Cluny, Alberta.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-10-26