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1953-11-17 Page 15

Mount Royal Convocation 
Certificates, Diplomas Awarded To 400 Pupils  

Certificates and diplomas were presented to more than 400 music students Monday night at the annual convocation of Mount Royal Conservatory of Music held at Central United Church.
S. J. Parkinson, member of the 
Mount Royal College board of governors, presided over the convocation. In places of honor on the platform were Dr. G. D. Stanley, chairman of the board of governors; Rev. Dr. John H. Garden, principal of the college; Mr. Justice C. J. Ford, vice-chairman of the board, and Harold Ramsay, director of the conservatory.
the Royal Conservatory of Toronto, to which the Mount Royal Conservatory is affiliated, assisted in the presentation of scholarships and medals. Mr. H. H. Sharples, representative of the Royal Schools of Music in London, and Robert E. Hooper of Trinity College of Music, London, also officiated in the presentation ceremonies. The Mount Royal Conservatory is associated with both the Royal Schools and Trinity College.
A short musical program by pupils representing scholarship and medal winners was presented to the capacity audience. Sonia Wranka, Arnold Waak and Jackie Bechtel represented the piano department; Vanessa Ramsay, Lois Callaway and Eric McCook, the singing department; Faith Robinstone and George Minloch were violinists; and Valerie Buker and Joyce Orr represented the winners from the speech department.
A large reception was held for the students, their parents and friends following the convocation.
COMPLETE LIST of award winners is as follows:
Dr. G. D. Stanley scholarship for organ, Grade X-- Bert Ryskamp; Principal John H. Garden 
scholarship for violin, Grade VIII-- George Kinloch; The T. Eaton Co. (Western) Ltd. scholarship for piano, Grade X-- Arnold Waack; Henry Birks & Sons (Western) Ltd. scholarship for voice, Grade X-- Denise Cumings, Phyllis Kopp; Frank Freeze Co. Ltd. scholarship for speech, Grade X-- Elisabeth Atkinson; Heintzman & Co. scholarship for piano, Grade X-- Jackie Bech-.....

From Page 15, Sonia Wranka; 
Mr. Justice C. J. Cord scholarship for voice, Grade VIII-- Vanessa Ramsay; The Hudson's Bay Company scholarship for voice-- Barbara Millett; Harold Ramsay scholarship for voice (Oratorilo)-- Andrew Sawatsky; Dr. E. P. Scarlett scholarship for voice, Grade IX-- Lois Callaway; Union Milk Co. Ltd. scholarship for speech, Joyce Orr and Valerie Buker; John S. Bach  scholarship for violin (highest average)-- Fairth Robinstone; Leonard H. Leacock scholarship for theory (highest average)-- Roger Perkins; Fisher's Music Store scholarship for speech-- Ron Poffenroth and David Hawkins.
K. J. Morrison cup for speech, David Hawkins; Lloyd McPhee cup for voice, Lois Callaway; Dr. A. W. Park cup for strings, George Kinloch; George Harris cup for speech, Terry Brookes; C. M. Hanna cup for piano, Christine Mapplebeck; Paterson cup for speech-- Dolores Shackleton; Mount Royal College cup for violin, George Kinloch; 
Mount Royal College cup for piano, Beth Landymore; Mount Royal College cup for voice, Vanessa Ramsay; Mount Royal College cup for speech, Valerie 
Mount Royal College cup for speech, Joyce Orr.
Violin-- Grade I, Keith Robinson; Grade II, Colin Jones;  Grade II, Jim McQuiston; Grade III, Mollie Hislop; Grade IV, Faith Robinstone; Grade V, Barry Griblin; Grade VI, Geraldine Trevelyan.
Piano-- Grade I, Terry Lynn Points; Grade II, Robert Grant; Grade III, Evelyn Hart; Grade IV, Ivor Warnick; Grade V, Ann Nicholson and Arta Pilling; Grade VI, Christine Mapplebeck; Grade VII, David Franco.
Voice-- Grade I, Diane Davis; Grade II, Leone Daub; Grade III, Diane Bown; Grade IV, Margaret Shaddock; Grade VI, Sharon Stewart.
Speech-- Grade I, Chere McQueen; Grade II, Arelene Coward; Grade III, Sandra Foster; Grade IV, Patsy Harrison and Leigh-Jane Haines; Grade V, Dolores Shackleton; Grade VI, Terry Brookes; Grade VII, David Hawkins; Pre-School, Grant Mossop.
Piano, Evelyn Henricks, Honors; Theory, Gr. 7, Evelyn Henricks, First Class Honors; piano, Sonia Wranka, 
First Class Honors; Piano, Arnold Waack, First Class Honors; Piano, Jackie Bechtel, First Class Honors; Speech, Elisabeth Atkinson, Honors, and Ron Poffenroth, First Class Honors; Singing, Denise Cumings,First Class Honors; Singing, Betty Joan Cookson, First Class Honors; Singing, Phyllis Kopp, First Class Honors; Singing, Andrew Sawatzky, First Class Honors; Violin, Joyce Furgeson, Honors, also Singing, Joyce Furgeson, Honors, also Piano, Grade 6, Joyce Furgeson, Honors.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-18