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Music Exam Results Listed

Successful candidates in the 1953 music examinations have been announced by the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music.
The list of students and the grade they have attained follows:
L.R.S.M. Branch "C", Pianoforte-- Mary-Lou Dawes.
L.R.S.M. Branch "D", Pianforte--Lenore Dafoe, Enid Edwards, Walter Carl Meyer (Violoncello), Francine Russell (Pianoforte).
Grade VII, Pianoforte-- Sylvia Honeychurch.
Grade VI, Pianoforte-- Avis Goldsworthy, Vivian Swischuk.
Grade V, Pass with Merit, Pianoforte--Patricia M. Fennell.
Grade IV, Pass with Merit, Pianoforte-- Thomas Beresford, Faith Gell.
Grade III, Pass with Distinction, Piano-- Patricia Mae Colvin.
Grade II, Pass with Distinction, Piano-- Valery Fay Lehman, John Pemberton Ryder.
Grade II, Pass with Merit, Piano-- Victoria Ann Logie.
Grade II, Pass, Piano-- Elizabeth Cummings.
Grade I, Pass with Distinction-- Jerry F. Manning.
Grade I, Pass with Merit-- Linda Lee Robertson.
Grade VIII-- Mary Lou Dawes, Lloyd Erickson, Eileen Robinson, Lynn Walker.
Grade VI-- Shirley Ann MacKay, Patricia Toombs.
Grade V-- Moyra G. Boyd, Cecilia Comba, Gerald McDougall, Marguerite Orr, Vivian Swischuk, George F. L. Young.
Grade IV-- Shirley Anne MacKay.
Grade I-- Terry Anne Lyttle, Lila L. Miller, Sharon Schneidmiller, Donna A. Stenson.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-22