Calgary Herald

1953-09-09 Page 32


Five City Awards Made 

Winners of five City of Calgary scholarships were announced today by Commissioner of Finance E. A. Hookway. The scholarships are valued at $300 each and are awarded each year to first, second and third-year students at the University of Alberta, or Mount Royal College, Calgary.

The 1953 winners are Marilyn A. Hayes, 18, of 2605 Carleton Street, first year girls; Duncan L. McKillop, 18, of 509 Boulevard N.W., first year boys; Carl J. Potter, 19, of 250 19th Ave. N.E., second year girls; Alfred P. Lozenzo, 19, of 5801 1A St. S.W.; and Donald E. Wright, 22, of 1013 8th Ave. E., third year boys.
NO AWARD for third year girls was made as no applications were received by officials.
Three of the winners received their education at Central high school, one at Western, and the other at Central.
Commissioner Hookway said the awards were made on the basis of academic proficiency, and of financial need.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-12-14