Calgary Herald

1953-11-30 - Page 11


Tuxis Officers To Be Installed 

Dennis McJunkin, grade XI pupil of Crescent Heights high school will be inaugurated mayor of the city's 
Tuxis groups Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the City Council chambers.
Other 1954 Tuxis officers to be inaugurated at the same ceremony are Deputy Mayor Mike Brooks, grade XI student at Central high school; Commissioners Eric Neilson and Don French, grade XII and grade XI students respectively at Crescent Heights.
Tuxis is a boys' club affiliated with churches throughout the city which trains its members, from 12 to 17, for service. It sponsors an 
annual basketball competition, which will begin shortly, and a spring Hobbies Fair, in addition to an annual track meet in conjunction with the National Athletic Contest.

Extracted by J. Kynman