Calgary Herald

1953-10-29 Page 6


New Executive Is Introduced To Victoria H.S.A. 

The Victoria H.S.A. held its opening meeting of the season recently when the following new executive slate was introduced by past president, Mrs. Elsie Wilson:
Honorary president, Mr. D. E. Bickell; president, Mrs. Clarence Hawkins; first and second vice-presidents, Mrs. J. Bradley and Mrs. James Lawton, respectively; recording secretary, Mrs. A. Scott; corresponding secretary, Mrs. A. D. Tyson; and treasurer, Mrs. G. Loftus.
Conveners were elected as follows: health, Mrs. F. W. Pratt; flowers, Mrs. C. W. Boyd; delegates to council, Mrs. James Lawton, Mrs. A. D. Tyson and Mrs. H. W. Emms; delegate to welfare, Mrs. R. Gerber; registrar, Mrs. J. E.  Faye; membership, Mrs. A. Cole; receptionist, Mrs. C. Renard; programs, Mrs. L. E. Braconnier.
Mr. D. E. Bickell, principal, spoke on the functions of audio-visual aids in teaching.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-06