Calgary Herald

1953-10-19 Page 6


Council President Installs Officers At Crescent H.S.A.

The annual meeting of Crescent Heights H.S.A. was held recently when Mr. H. T. Robertson, president of the Calgary Council H.S.A. installed the following officers:
Associate president, Mr. H. D. Cartwright; past president, Mrs. B. F. Dingle; president, Mrs. S. C. Harrington; second vice-president, Mrs. J. D. Hughes; third vice-president, Miss E. J. Wright; recording secretary, Mrs. G. E. Machon; corresponding secretary, Mrs. W. J. Finlay; treasurer, Mrs. V. C. Black.
Conveners: receptionist, Mrs. W. Goett; membership, Mrs. G. A. Stiles; telephone, Mrs. A. Wylie, Mrs. C. H. Cyr; sick and visiting, Mrs. R. W. J. Wright; child welfare, Mrs. H. G. Peck; finance, Mrs. H. Bradley; press, Mrs. Fred Parrott; council delegates, Mrs. A. Weisner; scholarship, Mrs. R. A. Pettinger .

Extracted by J. Kynman