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1953-06-16 Page 13


Toddlers Steal the Show 
Youthful Entertainers Stage Top Review

Tip Top Revue of 1953 as staged by pupils of Jack Taylor in Crescent Heights high school auditorium Monday night was in tip top shape.
Mr. Taylor has a faculty for instilling in his pupils a good sense of timing no matter how limited their instruction. 
The evening's entertainment featured dance duos, single numbers, mass banjo and guitar selections, solos in this fashion, and variations on all things attempted.
Entertainers were in every age group from three to 19 and the tiny tots were not to be outdone by their older counterparts.
THE SHOW WAS stolen early in the evening by two toddlers who were not much older than three. Nothing they did in their dance routine was done simultaneously but everything was cute. They bowed three times.
Costumes for the production were all appropriate to the numbers and the performers. There were harem costumes for the "Sheik of Araby" number, a tuxedo for the man of tomorrow and a filmy blue dance dress for a tall Miss who tapped out "Tea For Two."
Something else noticed was the stage presence of each and every entertainer. They all danced or played, smiling and then bowing with ease to the audience, and the accompanist in turn.
ON THE PROGRAM were-- Linda Gay Flitton, Mida Lee Schlosser, Susan Bailey, Bryan Bailey, Bill Weterman, Ralph Isobelle, Let Kostick, Jacqueline Ogorman, Linda Mitchell, Judi McLelland, Ruth Cassidy, Betty Ann Robertson, Linda Lei Robertson, Janet Pledger, Carol Ludwig, Thelma Roome, Ricky Dunlap, Audrey Mason, Dolores Patterson, Marsha Saunders, Dal Smith, Sharon Crist, Brenda Gray, Linda Gray, Carol Robinson, Lynne Porter, Dorothy Woods, Gillian Roomes, Heather Peacay, Jackie Summers, Jacqueline Coupland, Roberta Taylor, Eric Graham, Vic Goretsky, Larry Linstead, Douglas Rhodes, Ted Newman, Pat Nodwell, Norman Frsas, Brian Alliston, Earl Pilling, Eddie Nutkin, Eddie Owchar, Verne Summers, Jack Cahoun, Leanard Esler, Garth Dymond, Grantly Briscoe, Lon Gardner, Warren McInenly, Norma Sackett, Glen Pashak, Allen Smith, Victory Scully, Michelle Jess, Sam Jin, Billie Holstein, and Chris Anctander.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-16