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1953-05-20 Page 27


THE GRADUATING CLASS of Drumheller high school is shown above. Its members were honored at the annual banquet of the Students' Union May 14. Left to right, first row, are: Corrine Fuller; Glory Jorgensen; Shirley Leonhardt; Carol Hilborn; J. M. F. Smith (principal); Elsie Goodfellow; Colleen Walsh; Helen Graham; Geraldine Levesque; and Minnie Bauer. Second row: Patricia Brown; Anne Basary; Lois Jorgensen; Rita Hansen; Maxine McDonnell; Louise McKee; Betty Dorn; Darlene Woods; Doreen Woods (twin sisters); Nellie Stefaniuk; Barbara Battram; and Geraldine deFreece. Third row: Carl Cavadini; Harold Bennett; Keith McDonnell; Vernon King; Russell King; Brian Staples; Jack Foesier; and Jack Burrell. Fourth row: Miss Mildred Branum (teacher); Miss Amelia Werbisky (teacher); Miss Isobel Sinclair (teacher); Ronnie Laughlin; Douglas Kubicek; Baird Staples; Irvine Marus; Harry Laslop; and Don McKinnon. Fifth row: J. E. Taylor (vice-principal); Albert Befus (teacher); Ray Ellehill (teacher); Jack Andronyk; Kenny Mantemurro; Robert Irving; Pat Whitney; Willie Sakal; Norman Paarup; Frank Kenick (teacher); and Alex Semaka (teacher). Sixth row: Leonard Nelson; Walter Kopy; Ormon Sibbald (teacher); R. B. Smith (teacher) and Frank Davidson. Unable to be present were: Yorry Sibulak; John Mandzie; Ronny Budersheim; Teddy Pituka; Carolyn Anderson and Ann Bellak.

Drumheller Class Honored
Graduating Students Lauded For Showing

(By Herald Correspondent)
The grade XII graduating class of 49 students was honored at the annual banquet and program given under auspices of the Drumheller high school students union here, Thursday night, by a capacity gathering at Knox Church hall. Harold Bennett, president of the student executive, presided.
J. M. F. Smith, principal of Drumheller high school, lauded the graduating class, and urged its members to do the common things in life in an uncommon way. He urged them to never do less than the best, and cultivate a natural pride in doing things.
J. C. JENSEN, superintendent of Drumheller city schools, commended the graduating class on its creditable performance. His topic was entitled "maturity".
Gwilym Powell responded to the toast of the school board, given by Irvine Marus. He stated that the school board had done all within its power to make school attendance pleasant for students. Mr. Powell praised the work of J. C. Jensen. The high school of Drumheller, under his jurisdiction, had the highest percentage of passes last year in the province.
IN WISHING the students future success, Mr. Powell urged them to always maintain the good name of their school and their homes.
A toast to the teachers was given by Barbara Batram, and responded to by J. M. F. Smith. Don McKinnon proposed the toast to the parents, which was replied to by Mrs. W. A. Irving.
The class history was outlined by Don McKinnon, while the class prophecy was given by Geraldine Levesque.
Mr. Jensen toasted the graduates, which was responded to by Minnie Bauer.
Jack Burrell, an outstanding student, delivered
Entertainment was provided by Doug Kubicek, Patricia Brown, Geraldine deFreece, Harry Laslop, Mrs. Cliff Harvey, Maxine McDonnell, Louise McKee, Carol Hilborn, Rita Hansen, Lois and Glory Jorgensen.


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