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1953-06-26 Page 6



Closing Exercises Held By H.S.A. At Elbow Park School

t the closing exercises for Elbow Park school held in the auditorium this week, Mr. C. N. Morris was chairman. A vote of thanks to the Home and School Association was given by Judy Matthew, to which Mrs. R. M. Angus-Smith replied. Mrs. E. F. Elkins responded to the vote of thanks to the teachers, given by Ted Bartlett.
The class prophecies, "Twenty-Five Years Later" were given by Wendy Allan, Lynn Puckett, Fred Allen and Peter Allan. The valedictory was given by Denis Anderson, after which class pictures were presented to the graduating class by Mrs. D. I. Crossley and Mr. O. S. Geiger, principal. Mr. N. J. Kennedy, principal of Rideau Park Junior high school, gave an address of welcome to the boys and girls who will enter his school at the beginning of the fall term.
 On behalf of the H.S.A., Mr. R. A. Schaufele, vice-principal, was presented with a wedding gift on the occasion of his marriage next month.
The following slate of officers for the incoming executive of the H.S.A. was presented by Mrs. R. S. Dant: president, Mrs. D. I. Crossley; first vice-president, Mrs. R. P. Douglas; second vice-president, Mrs. F. J. Sherlock; secretary, Mrs. J. R. Macqueen; correspondence and press, Mrs. R. H. Gibbons; Treasurer, Mrs. B A. Smith; program, Mrs. A. M. Rutherford, Mrs. C. N. Morris; social committee, Mrs. J. Ross Henderson; convener, Mrs. J. E. Hood, Mrs. G. M. Abbott, Mrs. C. A. Richards, Mrs. P. L. Rule; membership, Mrs. R. L. Thompson, Mrs. R. P. Douglas, Mrs. J. D. Boddington; telephone, Mrs. R. R. Mitchell; sick children, Mrs. K. B. McDermid; nominations, Mrs. J. D. Petrie; reception, Mrs. O. Leigh-Spencer; health, Mrs. T. E. Pain; council, Mrs. E. J. Hughes; crests, Mrs. W. A. Cairns; pianist, Mrs. J. D. Boddington; skate exchange, Mrs. N. D. Lockhart; baby sitters, Mrs. M. Buchanan.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-26