Calgary Herald

1953-11-18 - Page 6



Erlton H.S.A. Elects New Executive Slate

At its first meeting of the year Erlton H.S.A. elected the following executive: President, Mrs. J. J. McKay; vice-president, Mrs. J. R. Lofthouse; secretary, Mrs. N. H. Bowers; and treasurer, Mrs. Robert Kirkham.
Group conveners elected are: child welfare, Mrs. S. E. Tannas; Home and School, Mrs. J. H. Male; sick-visiting, Mrs. Robert Kirkham and Mrs. E. Jacques; social, Mrs. C. W. Hardiner, Mrs. Russell Craig, Mrs. John Pike, Mrs. S. S. Watson, Mrs. J. H. McLean and Mrs. G. M. MacDonald; sewing, Mrs. K. B. Knox, Mrs. Lawrence Smith, Mrs. Thomas Gerlitz, Mrs. W. M. Kaiser, Mrs. W. J. Holland, Mrs. Clinton Patton, Mrs. R. H. Maxwell and Mrs. W. J. Corbett.
Elected to the phoning committee were Mrs. J. Devlin, Mrs. G. Reese, Mrs. J. C. Munroe, Mrs. C. A. Cartwright and Mrs. O. M. Payne. Press agent is Mrs. W. F. Bierwagon.
Mrs. J. J. McKay, who was re-elected president, and the former secretary, Mrs. S. E. Tannas, were presented with sandwich plates on behalf of the association by Mrs. Homer McBride and Mrs. N. H. Bowers.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-01-18