Calgary Herald

1953-06-26 - Page 14


Hebrew School Presents Awards 

The presentation of awards and the reviewing of the studies and activities of the past school year will form the main part of the program at the closing exercises of the Hebrew School in the Jewish Centre today at 8:30 p.m.
Rabbi Aron Horowitz will be chairman for the evening.
STUDENTS receiving special awards for their work during the year include: scholarships: Moshe Danziger, Alexander Sanderson and Irving Rootman; first prizes: Rochelle Katzin, Evelyn Sheftel, Elliot Gelfand and Phillip Aiken; secon
d prizes: Adrienne Kline, Sheila Sheftel, Beverly Katzin and Ken Hector; third prizes: Harriet Sheftel, Rosalind Kay, Barry Kaplan, Myrna Polson and Peter Rosen; honor certificates, Arnold Finklestein, Ann Rosenbaum, Mimi Nagler, Bernice Srolovitz, Frend Engle, Benny Barenholtz, Judy Segal, Mark Bercov, Leonard Marks and Larry Ryder; gold metal, Karen Hatarbut and Arnold Well.
Presentations will be made by: Charles Waterman, Nathan Safran, Carl Safran, Frank Kettner, Yale Joffe, Mrs. Dorothy Finkelstein, Mrs. S. Hanen and Mrs. Hyman Levitt.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-26