Calgary Herald

1953-06-17 Page 7


Hillhurst H.S.A. Installs New Officers

At the final meeting of the Hillhurst H.S.A., at which Mrs. J. Hopkins was chairman, the following were installed as the new slate of officers:
President, Mrs. E. J. Olsen; past president, Mrs. J. Hopkins; associate president, Mr. W. Webb; first vice-president, Mrs. W. F. Elford; second vice-president, Mrs. I. E. Hockley; third vice-president, Mrs. J. C. McCauley; treasurer, Mrs. H. Schott, and secretary, Mrs. R. Rowbotham.
Mrs. W. J. Hodgins was presented with a rose corsage for installing the officers, and a cup and saucer was presented to Mrs. J. Perpont in appreciation for her services in the Hillhurst community for the past seven years. Mrs. Hopkins was presented with a past president's pin and a bouquet of carnations and snapdragons.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2014-11-16